Meed Catering:

MEED has a large catering facility that operates in accordance with the highest professional standards complying public health and food safety standards. MEED catering facility is awarded with ISO 22000 quality standards certificate,
HACCP Food Safety Analysis and Control certificate and IADC certificate. An assortment of fresh, healthy and delicious sandwiches are prepared in MEED catering including turkey, beef, mortadella, cheese, eggs and vegetables made with Baguette, Ciabatta, Club and Panini bread, in addition to low-fat sandwiches for diet and fitness. Moreover, Meed catering also produce fresh salads such as Caesar, Green, Greek, French salads, and natural juices, which are freshly prepared and daily squeezed.

TO-GO meals for all Occasions

MEED catering provides additional services which include preparing healthy meals for schools, breakfast meals during, meals for pilgrims and groups, which are prepared and distributed on demand.

MEED meals contains plenty of nutritional benefits that provide school
students, fasting individuals , pilgrims and consumers their daily needs of liquids, minerals, calcium and protein. MEED’s food and beverages are packed in environment friendly packages.